The Care Act - Changes in 2015


Changes to the care system were introduced earlier this year and dubbed "the biggest shake-up for 60 years". The first part of the Act came into effect in April 2015, with the remaining changes due to come into force in April 2016, however the government has since announced they are to be delayed until April 2030.
If you need care, or look after someone who does it's important to know how care is changing in the future andhow it could effect you, here are some of the key changes.
1. You have the right to a free assessment from your council, even if it thinks your finances are too high or your needs are too low. 2. A national eligibility criteria has been established which means all councls will use this to decide whether someone can get hep from them. Previously the councils set their own criteria. 3. Carers have been given the same right to assessment and suppot as the people they care for; before, they had to provide "substantial care on a regular basis" to get an assessment. 4. You can defer selling your home to pay your care fees until after your death. 5. The council must provide preventative sevices that could reduce or delay your need for care i.e. intermediate care at home or after a hospital stay.
For further information on the impact of the changes visit the government website.