Living with Change

living with change


What extraordinary times we are living in right now, and who knows how long this “extraordinary” period is going to last for. Certainly government, scientific and medical advisors suggest that the changes we have had to make to our daily lives will be with us for some time to come.

I think collectively we have done a great job adhering to the guidance we have been given and we have made the necessary changes to keep ourselves and others safe. We have imposed our own lockdowns, we have stayed at home, kept away from family and friends and have had to give up going to work, school and college. We have made these changes because we’re well aware of the consequences if we don’t.

This forced change has brought with it a new narrative; a constant stream of kindness, goodwill, positivity and community spirit that has almost drowned out the COVID-19 noise. From Sir Captain Tom Moore’s heroic efforts in raising over £30 million, to the 500,000 plus people who have signed up as NHS volunteers and the whole nation coming together every Thursday to show, not only their appreciation for frontline and key workers, but to stand side by side in solidarity with their neighbours.

Just as COVID-19 has turned our lives upside down, our individual and collective response has lifted our spirits to great heights. As we enter the next phase of learning to co-exist with the disease, we take with us, what many thought we had lost, the ability to put others before ourselves and to truly value the communities we belong to. The government, scientists and medics could not have predicted the positive outcome of living with change, because these were the changes, we made for ourselves.