There's Good News Out There!

good news

I came across an article which was written to help us “to stop feeling overwhelmed by the news”. One of the tips in the article advised us to “read good news”, which can sometimes be hard to find. However, I do make a point of searching out good news, to share with colleagues, clients and in these editorials too.

In my quest for positive stories and community kindness to share, I came across the story of 72-year-old Linda Nall whose kidneys started to fail as a result of Lupus. Linda had tried everything to find herself a kidney donor. She had a Facebook page, social media (which has often proved to be successful for this type of personal appeal), had tee-shirts printed and even put up a sign at her home in Wimberly, Texas. The sign read “I am type O and need a kidney transplant, please help me.”

For 18 months Linda had no luck, that was until Frank Dewhurst drove by in April and saw her sign. Frank turned up at Linda’s home and initially she thought he was there to tell her to take down the sign, but far from it, Frank was there to tell her that he wanted to donate his kidney. Sure, enough Frank was as good as his word, he talked it over with his wife, had the necessary compatibility tests and was cleared to donate.

What I haven’t mentioned yet is that Frank is 84 years old, making him the oldest living kidney donor in his country. The octogenarian was discharged from the hospital 48 hours after the surgery and quickly returned to his regular exercise routine. Frank’s fitness was a key factor in him being able to undergo the surgery and donate.

Of course, for Linda, this has given her a new lease of life and is now able to spend more time socializing with her family and friends. She said “I have lived a long time not being able to eat what I want to eat and do what I want to do. I am going to make the most of Frank’s generous gift and live life to the fullest. I cannot wait.”

As for Frank, he’s been very modest, telling reporters “No big deal, “I’m healthy and had what she needed, a functioning kidney. She wasn’t getting any better without one.”

So, we have two good news stories here, the extraordinary kindness of a stranger saving the life of another and the positive benefits of keeping fit and healthy in older life.