Thoughts & Hopes for 2021



It has been a challenging year, to say the least, but we’ve just entered a New Year – a new beginning, a time to reflect but also to take time to look forward and think about our own hopes and dreams. Our care team have worked so hard during the pandemic and we are incredibly proud of their commitment to you, our clients, the role and our business. Who better to ask what they hope for in 2021, we’d like to share some of their personal thoughts for the year ahead (with their permission of course!)

‘I hope that we can finally get back to seeing family and friends in person without the threat of lockdowns and other restrictions and we can start enjoying doing things together - singing, walking, eating out. What a relief that will be.’ David

‘I’m very positive about 2021 being a much better & relaxed year than 2020. I have worked through two lockdowns caring for clients who needed me more than ever, due to family restrictions. Hoping that in 2021 we will see families & friends spending much more time with their loved ones.’ Amanda

‘I am setting myself personal goals in 2021; learning to drive so I have more independence and more opportunities to work. I am going to make more time for reading and being more active as a family.’ Leigh

‘May all our doors be open for family and friends to unite once again. To take off our masks so that all can see the smile that lies beneath. May 2021 be the sunshine after the storm so bright and warm that we all feel loved and cherished once more.’ Cath