Living with Dementia


Living with dementia dosen't mean you have to stop doing the things that you enjoy, it just might mean having to do them in a different way.
Dementia is a word used to describe memory loss, confusion, mood changes and difficulty with day to day tasks. Dementia is not a normal part of ageing, it happens when the brain is affected by a disease. There are many types of dementia, Alzheimer's is the most common. Learning that you or somone close to you has dementia can be shocking and upsetting, but it is important to know that many people lead active and fulfiling lives for many years.
Whilst we know there is no cure at the moment we do know that there are things that can be done to help those with dementia live as well as possible. Try not to become isolated, maintaining hobbies and interests is important. Continue to take part in activies whether that is being part of singing group, walking, cooking or going to a yoga class as these can bring a lot of pleasure to someone with dementia. Staying active and social can help retain skills and memory as well as improve self-esteem. Ensure good health and nutrition, the longer someone stays fit and healthy the better the quality of life will be.
The NHS and Alzheimer's websites provide information for those caring with dementia and alice chilton can provide strategies and support to enable those with dementia to live well at home and stay as independent as possible at home.