Young or Old, Loneliness does not Discriminate


The subject of loneliness is never far away. The significant impact it can have on an individuals physical and mental wellbeing is often reported in the media, and academics across the world share research and findings to help us better understand how we can tackle this growing problem.

By having some understanding of how loneliness can impact on people, we can try to promote the benefits of social engagement and interaction. One way in which we do this is by sharing with our client’s news of activities and events that are taking place in the local area. They rely on us to do this as they cannot easily access this information, much of it is online and they don’t have internet access, some rarely leave the house or have visitors to spread the word. It often takes me quite a bit of time to find out what’s relevant locally as I need to research several mediums, so I was very pleased to come across a project that will provide all this information in one neat booklet.

The project is being undertaken by volunteers of a local Patients Participation Group. They are producing a guide of interests and hobbies for people to attend in the local community, some paid for and some free to attend. The guide will be for all ages and covers a wide range of activities including Bridge Clubs, Needlework classes, Sports and even support networks for people and their families affected by Stroke and Dementia.

The people involved in the project explained that the initiative was being driven by the legacy of Jo Cox, the MP who was murdered in June 2016. Jo was a passionate campaigner to combat loneliness, believing that ‘young or old, loneliness does not discriminate’ and she was right. The work that she undertook as an MP is now being taken forward by Seema Kennedy MP and Rachel Reeves MP, whilst in January this year the Prime Minister appointed Tracey Crouch MP as the new minister for Loneliness.

The cross-party activity for this important subject seems to be trickling through to grassroots. Whatever the politics, such initiatives need to be embraced and shared and I have committed to working alongside the volunteers of this project to help get it out there in the community to help benefit as many people as possible, young or old. Distribution of the booklets will be key to ensure as many people as possible have access to the information. If you can help in anyway then please get in touch.