"Play" Your Part in Dementia Research


I am constantly looking for news stories, research and medical updates relating to dementia. I have learnt that (allegedly) there are health benefits to Maple syrup. There's a possible link to worsening depression in middle age and the onset of dementia, according to The Times. The same newspaper's Health Editor said "middle-aged dementia suffers are being told that they are going through marriage problems, menopause or mid-life crisis" when they're suffering from dementia and being misdiagnosed.
My interest comes from helping to care for my Grandma Chilton over 20 years ago. She had dementia and like many families we went through a difficult and emotional time coming to terms with it and knowing how best to support her. Also because a large number of our clients have the disease, at various stages, and therefore we need to be informed.
There is far more awareness of dementia now and theories as to why it is more prevalent. One theory is a potential link between modern life and our use of PC's, mobile phones, other electronic devices and chemicals. However, I can safely say that Grandma Chilton never had a mobile phone or was glued to a lap top!
If you also have an interest in this subject then consider taking part in research. Members of the public are invited to download a video game on their mobile devices. By playing 'Sea Hero Quest' scientists from University College Londn hope to understand how the typical human brain navigates. The game Developers claim that if 100,000 people play for two minutes it will generate the same amount of data as 50 years of similar, laboratory-based research. Maybe this will lead to information we can rely on. Find a link on our Facebook page, there's a link at the bottom of our homepage.
Karen Perry, Founder alice chilton In-Home Care Services Limited.