Promoting Kindness


I recently read an article about a vulnerable pensioner who received more that £300,000 in donations after he was mugged outside his home. Following the publication of the news story a lady, a stranger to the gentleman, was so moved by the story and how he was frightened to return to his home, that she set up an online donation page with the intention of raising £500 for him.
People were shocked to hear that someone could so cruelly treat such a vulnerable individual, they made their voices heard and showed their support by donating online and raising significantly more than anyone ever expected. This has resulted in the gentleman being in a position to buy a property in a different area.
What struck me were the extremes in human nature, how anyone could be so cruel to carry out such an attack but then the overwhelming acts of kindness from strangers. All too often it is the negative aspects of human nature that are reported in the media and not enough of the kindness. The positive impact of a kind act or gesture can go a long way and it doesn't have to cost us anything. There are many vulnerable people in our community who would benefit from a small act of kindness, from something as simple as a warm smile to making time to ask them how they are and it will most likely make us feel better too.