Ways to keep your spirits up

spirits up


It’s often said that that during winter it’s not unusual to feel a bit blue, especially when it is harder to get out and about and enjoy the outdoors. So, with Springtime upon us we should now be looking forward to the longer evenings, warmer weather and therefore feeling much brighter. However, for those in our community who are not always able to get out and about, Age UK have some tips and ideas to beat the blues whatever the time of year.

Stay connected

Try to keep to your usual routine as much as possible. If you can’t visit friends or family, phone them, use email or try video call services like Skype or FaceTime. If getting out and about is difficult or you don’t have anyone to connect with why not check to see what support is available locally? Both Stockport and Cheshire councils have events and activities that cater for all ages, including older adults.

Do something you enjoy every day

Settle in with a favourite book or audio book. Do a puzzle in the paper or online. Try your hand at painting, pick up a bit of knitting or tune into an afternoon radio play. Find something that makes you feel good and make time for it.

Keep moving

Being active – even just a little bit – is proven to help give you boost. A quick walk down the street, dance around the kitchen or satisfying stretch in bed or a chair are all good pick-me-ups.

Have a natter

A regular chat with a friend can make a huge difference to how we feel. We can share stories, catch up on the latest news and even have a bit of a moan when we need to!

Don’t ignore your feelings

If you’ve been feeling down for a while and it’s stopping you from doing the things that matter, making you feel listless or like you don’t have any energy, you don’t have to suffer in silence. Share how you’re feeling with a friend, family member or doctor. There’s help out there if you feel you need a little more support.

It has long been said that by helping others it makes us happier. By reaching out to those in our community who our vulnerable we can help rekindle neighbourly spirit, reduce social isolation and even prevent illnesses. And probably lift our spirits too!