Tackling Bogus Doorstep Callers


Unfortunately criminals often target the elderly and vulnerable in our communities. To tackle these scams Cheshire East Council has developed a scheme to help protect vulnerable people from bogus callers and workmen.
The scheme hopes to protect people by directing the 'caller' to the address of a nominated neighbour, relative or friend. The scheme works by the vulneable person being given a specially developed card that they hold up to a window or door which advises any unidentified or unexpected caller to go the address of the nominated person. They will then check the callers' identity and if they are genuine return with them and supervise the visit to make sure that nothing untoward takes place; they will remain there until the caller has left. There is also the option to use a 'nominated telephone number' of a trusted person.
The card removes the need for the occupant to enter into conversation with the caller, with the idea being that a genuine person will understand the reasons for following the instructions. The scheme will help limit the opportunity for doorstep callers to con their way into homes or persuade residents to have unnecessary home improvements.
The nominated neighbour is chosen freely by the householder, they will be given simple and clear guidance on what action they should take with different kinds of callers and who to contact to report any incidents.
It is a common sense (and importantly cost effective) approach to tackling an increasing type of crime and certainly worth all councils considering, to help keep the most vulnerable in our communities safer. Call 03454 040506 for more information.