Our Unexpected Journey

unexpected journey


It’s quite a journey we have been on, since the end of March and still unsure of the destination. The last time I sat down to write an editorial piece for SK Magazine was in February. Back then I could meet friends for a coffee, book an appointment at the dentist, give my dad a hug and travel abroad. Then ‘wham’ COVID-19 bulldozed into our world, and everything changed. We watched in disbelief as our neighbours in Europe battled to save the lives of their nationals, and we desperately made plans to avoid the worst happening here, never expecting to suffer the highest death toll in Europe. 

Overnight people lost their livelihoods, whole sectors of the economy shut down, families and flatmates were thrown together 24/7, parents became teachers and many people became sick, seriously sick and despite the best efforts of our frontline NHS workers, many people lost their lives. 

The virus has changed our lives. During this time something else changed too, something no one could have predicted, it wasn’t tangible. It was the change that we chose to make for ourselves and others. With every day that passed we saw, read and heard about the very best of humankind, something I suspect many thought had long since left our society – our communities came together. 

The NHS has inspired a whole new generation to become, doctors, nurses and medics. We have realised the value of our key workers; delivery drivers, postal workers and refuge collectors, that can’t do without them and the care profession finally got the recognition it deserves. On a simple local level, we reconnected with our neighbours and rallied to support our community. 

We are learning to live alongside the virus as best we can. We have also learnt to reach out to others, we’re more readily available to help out and we’re more aware of the needs of others. COVID-19 has brought untold misery but it’s also brought us closer and made us feel, even in isolation, more connected in a way we could never have imagined. Our journey isn’t over, but it will be made easier knowing that we’re not travelling the journey alone.