Ask alice

Q. What safeguards are in place?

We take four references, two professional and two personal, for anyone wanting to join our Care team. We also complete an enhanced DBS check (Disclosure and Barring Service, previously CRB checks) and we check against the POVA list (Protection of Vulnerable Adults). We adhere to the local authorities’ safeguarding policies and we are compliant with the CQC (Care Quality Commission). Our carers complete a full induction and receive ongoing training and support. We operate a 'no secrets' policy to ensure protection of our clients and carers.

There is also a complete full risk assessment prior to starting a service to ensure the safety and protection of both the client and Carer. All staff attend safeguarding training and we are a safeguarding Alerter.

We adhere to the local authorities’ safe guarding policies and meet regularly with clients to review the service and ensure they are happy with the support and feel their needs are being met. Regular supervisions take place with our Carers to ensure they have our full support. We document and record all activity following each client visit.

alice chilton ensures that we meet care regulations called Fundamental Standards.

Q. How does the process start?

Simply make a call, 01625 526850, to speak to a member of our team who are compassionate and sensitive and able to advise you of the services we provide. Alternatively you can email or visit the ‘Contact Us’ page on the website.

We will arrange an appointment with our Registered Care Manager to complete a no obligation Care consultation. Our Care Manager will guide you through what can be an emotional time and will be able to support you in making decisions around the type of support that will best meet your needs/the needs of your relative or friend.

alice chilton wants you to be in control and make decisions you are comfortable with, we work together to put the Care plan in place. We pride ourselves on promoting dignity and respectful care at all times and are committed to the alice chilton charter.

During the Care consultation our Care Manager will gather information, this will include name, DOB, health conditions, type of support required and complete a risk assessment. It is also important that we hear about you, your hobbies and interests and about your life history. YOU are our main focus, knowing about your life will enable us to provide a Carer that we feel will be suitable and provide support that is relevant to your life.

Q. How is a carer chosen?

We have a strict recruitment process, alice chilton screen applications thoroughly; we have many years’ experience in the recruitment and retention of quality Carers. After this process we invite those in for an interview we feel not only have the knowledge and skills to support our clients but have compassion, understanding, warmth and importantly share the same values as our business.

We look at our carer’s life history so we can build up a picture of who they are, what their interests and hobbies are, and what type of support we feel they will excel in. At the Care consultation our Care Manager will have gathered similar information from you, we can then 'match up' a carer we feel will be best suited.

At alice chilton we know you may be a little apprehensive meeting your Carer for the first time so we always introduce you to your Carer together with our Care Manager who you have met previously.

Q. What if I don’t like my carer?

It is our aim to provide you with a suitable Carer from the first visit, but we know in life occasionally there are times when we just don't get along with someone. If this is the case just let us know and we will happily discuss other options and provide you with the services of a different Carer. We appreciate and value your feedback and will always respect your views.

Q. What training is undertaken by the carer?

At alice chilton we ensure we provide our Carers with ongoing training and development, enabling them to provide our clients with safe, effective, high quality care. Each member of the Care team will undertake the Care Certificate. The carer Certificate sets out explicitly the learning outcomes, competences and standards of care that will be expected, ensuring that carers provide caring, compassionate and quality care. The Care Certificate standards are listed below:

The Standards:

  1. Understand Your Role
  2. Your Personal Development
  3. Duty of Care
  4. Equality and Diversity
  5. Work in a Person Centred Way
  6. Communication
  7. Privacy and Dignity
  8. Fluids and Nutrition
  9. Awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disabilities
  10. Safeguarding Adults
  11. Safeguarding Children
  12. Basic Life Support
  13. Health and Safety
  14. Handling Information
  15. Infection Prevention and Control

Each standard is underpinned by full learning outcomes and assessment criteria.

Q. How do I know that the carer will stay for the allocated time?

alice chilton has invested in industry recognised management software for call monitoring so we know exactly the time that our Care team spend with our clients. We can monitor this for each and every visit so we know if there have been changes to the allocated visit.

Our ethos is that we stay the full amount of time and give you the service and support we have recommended and that you are paying for. This is a standard that is included within our policies and procedures. We employ carers who want to give 100% and nothing less will do.

Q. How many hours will I need?

This will vary depending upon your needs, if you require support with Home Help or Companionship. This may be a couple of hours a week, if you require Personal care this could be a daily visit or you may require several calls a day.

Our Care Manager will guide you through the process when deciding your Care package. Your needs will be assessed so that together we can create your tailored Care plan. It is our aim to enable you to continue living in your own home and promote your independence, you may already know how many hours you want and therefore you can instruct us and we will happily accommodate your needs.

Q. How long do I commit for?

alice chilton in-home care services are flexible; you are in control of how long you want our support for. We can provide respite care for a few weeks or long term support that is ongoing. All we ask is you give two weeks’ notice when you decide you no longer require support. alice chilton is here for you and will provide care as and when you need it.

Q. Do you have private clients?

Yes we do, alice chilton has both private and local authority funded clients and both receive the same high level of service and care. We will happily talk to you about the cost of in-home Care for Companionship, Home Help and Personal Care.

Q. Am I eligible for local authority funding?

If you have been assessed as needing care in your home your local authority will complete a means tested financial assessment, the outcome of the assessment will decide if you qualify for any financial assistance or not.

Your local authority must follow the 'fairer charging guidance’ if you have capital of less £23,250 (as of 22nd July 2014 and this does not include the value of your home) you maybe entitled to financial assistance to pay for care. We can assist you in speaking to the right people to make the assessment for you.

Q. How do I pay?

There are a number of payment options at alice chilton an invoice is always provided for the care hours you receive.

Direct Debit - a popular payment choice. It is an agreement between yourself and your bank/building society, which authorises the bank/building society to allow us to collect a regular or irregular payment from your account.

Standing Order – a simple and easy way to pay for your care. On a monthly basis we will debit your account for your care services.

Bank Transfers – an easy payment from your bank account to ours. Contact a team member to request our account name, sort code and account number for your transaction.

Card Payments – we are able to accept card payments over the phone for most major debit and credit cards. Simply contact one of our team members to arrange this.

Cheques – alice chilton accepts payment by cheque, contact us and we will be able to advise you who to make the cheque payable to.

Can I be part of your Care team?

At alice chilton we believe that if you are compassionate, caring, understanding and have a warm heart you have the potential to make a difference to our client’s life. Whether you have work experience or life experience we want to hear from you.

There are many benefits to working for alice chilton in-home Care services; it is incredibly rewarding but flexible too. You tell us the number of hours and which days of the week you want to work and we built that into our schedule.

We are building a workforce of excellent Carers who are passionate about providing the very best in home care, each and every one of us has signed up to the alice chilton charter, it is the promise we make to our clients. If you like what alice chilton stands for and would like to know more about joining our team then don’t hesitate to get in touch, either call us on 01625 526850 or email and we will happily talk to you about the process in more detail.

Q. Have we answered all your questions?

We hope we have but if there’s something we haven’t covered don’t worry just pick up the phone 01625 526850 or email us at and we will happily answer your question.