Domiciliary Care

alice chilton specialises in providing the very best quality Domiciliary care services for adults and the elderly in the Stockport and East Cheshire communities.

Our Domiciliary care packages include Companionship, Home Help and Personal in-home care, which are outlined below.


At alice chilton we understand the value of the simple things in life, and our Domiciliary care service can provide flexible, personal help with a range of everyday social activities, from a cup of tea and a chat to accompaniment on visits and making travel arrangements.


Home Help

Another core area of Domiciliary care is Home Help – practical assistance with daily and weekly household chores which gives family and friends peace of mind that their loved one has all the support they need to live happily and safely in their own home.


Personal Care

Our Domiciliary care services also cover Personal Care – a practical service which provides assistance with everyday personal activities, from getting up and bathing to preparing meals and helping with household chores.


The highest standards of Domiciliary care

At alice chilton we are committed to the very highest standards of Domiciliary care. In creating our Care team, we have brought together a special group of people who see their work as a vocation and are committed to making a difference to our client’s lives.

All of our Carers are committed to the alice chilton Charter, a set of ten values which have been developed to encompass the very best in industry principles and practices. We have also committed to pay above industry average rates and have recognition and reward programmes to ensure we attract and retain the very best Carers.

We believe that alice chilton is leading the way in Domiciliary care services in the Stockport and East Cheshire areas and it is important that you are 100% comfortable with our people and approach. So, if you are considering in-home care for yourself, a family member or friend we would be happy to discuss your requirements with no obligation.

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