Spring Activities for Older Adults

springtime activities


Winter is behind us, Springtime is here! The warmer weather and increased daylight hours are the reasons that many people say that this is their favourite season. It is the time of the year when we start to spend more time outdoors, we see the leaves return to the trees, plants begin to grow again, and hibernating animals awake.

We associate spring with colour, cheerfulness and new beginnings, There is such a lot to enjoy at this time of year, here are a few activities and ideas, especially for older people.

Appreciate the outdoors and nature

After spending so much time indoors during the winter it is good to get outside, to enjoy the fresh air and get close to nature. Taking a walk in a park, visiting a farmer’s market or local garden centre can help us feel connected to life, nature and a chance to pick up fresh produce too. For those who aren’t mobile simply sitting with windows open, feeling the breeze is a comfortable way to connect with nature. Or simply sit outside the house or on a balcony to appreciate the trees and spring flowers.

Bird watching

Spring sees the return of the colourful birds to our gardens. Make a note of which are visiting and the different bird song you hear. A bird feeder will attract lots of species, it is possible to create your own feeder from household items and to make the bird food too. Attracting the birds does not rely on having a garden, they’ll come if a feeder is hanging outside a window.

Create an indoor garden

Having plants around the house brings a little piece of nature indoors. Growing an indoor herb garden is easy, does not require a lot of space and they are useful to use in cooking. There are lots of varieties of flowering spring plants that will brighten up a room and having plants around the home can increase feelings of well-being.

Spring Cleaning

This year, turn this chore into something more meaningful. A good spring clean will, of course, rid the home of clutter but it can also have a bigger purpose. The keepsakes and pictures you come across can be shared with family members and friends, it is a chance to reminisce and share memories with others. A spring cleaning is physical activity which can also improve focus, mood and help you sleep better.