Why I Chose to Care

why I chose to care


We asked our care team why they enjoy care work. We were delighted with the number of responses we received and overwhelmed by the reasons they gave as to why they chose to care. Here are some of the responses.

I love being a carer because of the people I get to meet and how much they appreciate what we’re able to do for them. I look after our clients the same way I would wish my mother to be cared for, with dignity and respect. Christine K

It’s great to support people in practical ways that make a difference to their daily lives. David R

I wanted to be a carer because I enjoy caring for people. I feel I can empathise with them and help them. I like to interact with people, and to hear about their fascinating lives. Carmen H

I love being a carer because I help people live independently. I get real satisfaction from my job; I find my clients very interesting and I love hearing all their stories from the amazing lives they have lived so far. You get to meet so many different people each day. Leigh S

I love being a carer because I get to help and meet some very interesting people. It’s the most fulfilling job anybody could have. Julie B

I like being a carer as you feel you have made a difference to persons life. We provide companionship, friendship and care all rolled in to one, without our support many clients would have a totally different life. Sarah M 

I love working in a job where I am appreciated so much. I really enjoy making a difference in other people’s lives. I know what I do helps our clients to stay living independently in their own homes, which makes them happy. Wendy L

It is rewarding to make somebody else smile and to know you have made their day better with your assistance. Varnika S