We are very pleased with the service and professionalism of Alice Chilton Home Care. We have used the company for short-term needs and now have support for long-term care. We were recommended to Alice Chilton by friends who had used their excellent services. In these difficult days for social care support, it is nice to be able to rely on Alice Chilton and their staff.

P.B, Husband of Client, Handforth
January 2023

Alice Chilton have been providing care for my father (who's in his early 90s) for almost two years and this support has enabled him to stay living in his own home. The carers are all superb and always have time to have some "banter" with Dad, which I know he enjoys. They often go "above and beyond" what we expected of a care company and, whilst it wouldn't be right to mention specific instances, this has made all the difference. The staff really do care about their clients and offer so much more than the basic requirements. Knowing that Dad is being looked after by Alice Chilton gives real peace of mind to me and my sister and we do not believe that we could have found a better care company. If you're looking for a care provider I would, without hesitation, recommend Alice Chilton.

M.J, Son of Client, Cheadle Hulme
December 2022

After much searching and family discussion, we approached Alice Chilton to discuss the provision of care to my mother-in-law. The carer(s) have seamlessly fitted into the role. August was a challenging period for the family with sickness and many people coming and going to provide respite care whilst my partner and I had a holiday. All the extended family commented on how helpful the carer was and how she just got on with what was required without prompting. Importantly, the carer has developed a positive and respectful relationship with my mother-in-law and has demonstrated the ability to provide compassionate care on many occasions. The carer can assess whether my mother-in-law is able to have a wash and get dressed and when it is important to wait and have a cup of tea before doing anything. I would recommend Alice Chilton with full confidence.

C.C, Daughter-in-Law of Client, Bramhall
November 2022

I am so thankful and so impressed with the care and the service provided by Alice Chilton. My mum loves the carers' visits and is always so happy when they have been. She mentioned each one's personality and is visibly happier after they call.  Everyone is invested in my mum's needs and we have regular communication with the team. They are always on hand to help and are flexible with the care they provide, tweaking it to ensure it meets mum's needs as her condition changes. I am so grateful for their support as they really put my mind at rest knowing they are there to help.

S.K Daughter of Client, Heald Green
October 2022

It has been such a tremendous relief to have such quality support and care, I have total confidence in our carer.

All the extended family commented on how helpful our carer was and how she just got on with what was required without prompting. Importantly, she has developed a positive and respectful relationship with my mother in law and has demonstrated the ability to provide compassionate care on many occasions. She is able to assess whether my mother in law is able to have a wash and get dressed and when it is important to wait and have a cup of tea before doing anything.

C.C, Daughter-in-Law of Client, Bramhall
September 2022

Alice Chilton provide an excellent service. Mum's companion carer is so lovely and caring. She takes Mum out when she feels like going out. She will make a meal for her when required or assist in the home with anything that needs doing. Mum really enjoys spending time with her and this frees up time for me.

D.F, Daughter of Client, Handforth
August 2022

I wanted to send you a message to let you know that my father is very pleased with the help that he has been receiving. The support has made a big difference to his day. Thank you.

R.B, Son of Client, Wilmslow
July 2022

The Carer supporting my mum was brilliant when she wasn’t feeling too good. She was calm, patient, caring and new just what to do - all very reassuring.

S.C, Daughter of Client, Handforth
July 2022

alice chilton home care provide a very professional and caring support for my dad. Their care team very well trained, they ask all the correct questions and able to adapt support if necessary.

S.W, Son of Client, Poynton
June 2022

When my father lost his driving license, due to failing eyesight, his world fell apart. I had been recommended Alice Chilton In-Home Care Services by a neighbour so I contacted them. They were able to provide a driver/companion with whom he has formed an excellent relationship. He now requires a little more help in his home and once again I have turned to Alice Chilton. The company is friendly, helpful and genuinely interested in the welfare of my father and, may I add, the family as a whole.

H.M, Daughter of Client, Heald Green
May 2022

We have been using Alice Chilton for 3 months now and could not be happier. As a family we are reassured, contented and extremely pleased with the level of care they offer, not only at carer level but the management team as well. They are professional carers who take the time to get to know mum's needs, likes, and dislikes, and the person beneath the Alzheimer's diagnosis.

M.H, Daughter of Client, Bramhall
April 2022

We have a carer every day to shower and help dress. The continuity is excellent and time-keeping is really good. Everyone understands the needs of people with Parkinson’s.

W.J. Wife of Client, Stockport
March 2022

Alice Chilton has been like part of the family for nearly 3 years. Their carers looked after our parents who had different requirements and conditions. The carers were caring, professional and could not have been kinder to Mum and Dad. Highly recommended.

S.G. Daughter of Client, Cheshire
February 2022

A huge thank you to you all for enabling our mum to be at home for so many years - quite frankly we don’t feel that she would have managed independently until 99 without your care. We have been so impressed with the patience, warmth, humour and “can do” attitude of each one of the carers. They have all brought their own individual strengths and have been a special part of mum’s days, especially through Covid. Thank you in the office for making the communication with us so easy, it’s all felt very streamlined from our point of view.

Family Members, Client, Stockport
January 2022

Alice Chilton have been providing wonderful personalised care for my mother for over 4 years which has enabled her to stay in her own home. They have proved reliable, practical, efficient, and delivered their care with smiles, warmth, and encouragement. The organisation has been flexible to changes in needs and they have communicated well with us. Very impressive service, we are very grateful.

F.H, Daughter of Client, Poynton
December 2021

I just wanted you to know that mum got on very well with the carers that you have selected for her. She told me they both were ‘lovely’ and have helped her to shower in the mornings.

J.S. Daughter of Client, Cheadle Hulme
November 2021

Alice Chilton has proven to restore faith in home care services. The professionalism, reliability, support, and care are second to none. Schedules are provided and delivered and they communicate both with the client and the families so up-to-date information is provided at all times. They deliver what the client wants and needs but also support the families who are often forgotten about in these circumstances. It is not a job but a vocation for their carers who go above and beyond the role's expectations.

L.W, Daughter of Client, Poynton
October 2021

Alice Chilton have provided exemplary care for the past five years, initially for my Mum who has sadly passed, most recently for my Dad. The team who care for Dad are compassionate, caring, and reliable. The whole team is fabulous, they know my Dad and us personally. We have a very positive experience as what Dad needs changes and all the team flex. Alice Chilton are Team Dad.

E.R, Niece of Client, Handforth
September 2021

I have just met mum’s carer, who is a really lovely lady. I am very happy with the way she is looking after my mum; she is very caring and thoughtful. It has been a difficult time for the family to see how mum has deteriorated recently but it is reassuring to know that the carers are in place to look after her.

L.B, Daughter of Client, Wilmslow
August 2021

The carer is excellent, she is very helpful and does what we need her to do but also going above and beyond and she is proactive too. Very glad to have started service with you.

Husband of Client, Poynton
August 2021

What you’ve done for my Dad is phenomenal. He is now back to how he used to be. All the care team are wonderful, thank you.

M.J, Son of Client, Cheadle Hulme
July 2021

The service is brilliant, the care team are ‘angels’. I really can’t believe the difference between the support from alice chilton Home Care and the previous company I had!

M.B, Client, Poynton
June 2021

We have had to rely on Alice Chilton for various emergencies and they have always stepped up to help. The managers and the staff are really charming and helpful. They have made my Mum live independently for longer than we expected. A great company!

S.W. Daughter of Client, Wilmslow
May 2021

Absolutely brilliant service couldn’t ask for anything better.

B.B, Client, Gatley
May 2021

Both my husband and I are very happy with the service we receive from Alice Chilton In-Home Care Services. Most of the carers come on a regular basis which helps to get to know them really well and they know our routines. They all treat my husband with the utmost respect and bring out his sense of humour.

P.K, Wife of Client, Bramhall
April 2021

Alice Chilton provide regular care to my mum and have done so for over a year now. We are very pleased with the standard of care provided and my mum enjoys having the same carer to visit (when possible). The carers are very friendly, helpful and reliable and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

A.W, Daughter of Client, Handforth
April 2021

A huge thank you to everyone for all the support and care you are providing Dad. He is looking and feeling fab, he’s being well and truly spoilt and I have not seen him like this in a long time. Everything the team is doing is amazing, please thank everyone on behalf of our family.

J.C, Daughter of Client, Hazel Grove
March 2021

We are highly impressed with the service you are providing for Dad. The difference it has made to him is phenomenal.

M.J, Son of Client, Cheadle Hulme
March 2021

Alice Chilton have been reliable and flexible to deal with and their management team are excellent. As mum's needs have changed, Alice Chilton have worked with us to adapt the amount and timing of care provided each day. They provide a great service communicating mum's changing needs to the different carers.

P.M, Son of Client, Woodford
February 2021

We have used Alice Chilton since May 2018 after my wife returned from hospital having had a brain haemorrhage/stroke. She has poor mobility which has been exacerbated by an eye occlusion which has severely affected her sight in her left eye. The care team have been very attentive and given help to cope with her problems in a kind and understanding way and rather than being just carers, have treated her as a friend showing concern rather than pity. Marvellous for her morale.

M.W, Husband of Client, Wilmslow
February 2021

Alice Chilton provide regular care to my mum and have done so for over a year now. We are very pleased with the standard of care provided and my mum enjoys having the same carer to visit. The carers are very friendly, helpful and reliable and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

A.W, Daughter of Client, Wilmslow
February 2021

I know you’ve only just started, but we feel so relieved to have a company so efficient and ‘on the ball’ looking after my mother-in-law, we spoke to her tonight and the feedback about your carer was glowing!  This is such a weight off our minds to know that she is receiving proper care, especially as we don’t live close by.

J.H, Son-in-Law of Client, Gatley
January 2021

Since support started, we have seen a massive improvement in mum, she is more engaged, and her mood has picked up – generally she just seems in a much better place. We really appreciate all that you’re doing for her.

P.H, Daughter of Client, Cheadle
December 2020

The carers are wonderful and have set the bar very high!

P.H. Daughter of Client, Gatley
November 2020

Support is going great, a very professional company and my carer is proactive. Very pleased with the service.

M.B. Client, Wilmslow
November 2020

You are a great care company and my carer is excellent. I am very happy with the care I receive.

V.T. Client, Cheadle Hulme
October 2020

Thank you so much to you all for taking such good care of mum, you’re always looking out for her.

L.S. Daughter of Client, Alderley Edge
October 2020

My carers are amazing, always cheerful and so professional. Working with the same team settles me, they start my day off just right and nothing is too much trouble.

B.J. Client, Wilmslow
September 2020

My care from your company is excellent. I am very happy with the two ladies you have selected to support me, they are professional and I get on well with them both. Thank you for the help and a thank you to the management team too. Having this support makes such a difference to my life.

J.B, Client, Alderley Edge
August 2020

Having your care has changed my life. It means my husband does not have to do it and we can be a couple again rather than him being my carer.

S.L, Client, Wilmslow
August 2020

I just wanted to say that my Carer has been absolutely brilliant, and I feel like a different person having some support. It is amazing what a bit of help can do during such difficult times. Thank-you again for all your help.

S.S Client, Alderley Edge
July 2020

The Carers are excellent, today I was quite unwell, and the Carer was very gentle, kind and understanding. You are providing a great service.

L.S Client, Wilmslow
July 2020

The continuity of the Carer has really allowed my father to build a trusting relationship with Carer. His Carer is wonderful, and they go out of their way to ensure he has what he requires.

E.H, Daughter of Client, Cheadle Hulme
June 2020

The service you provide is great and so much better that the company I had previously. The support allows me to stay at home, the Carers are so kind and friendly.

D.R, Client Alderley Edge
June 2020

Me and my family just want you to know we don’t know what we would have done without you during the COVID outbreak. We are very grateful for all the hard work you do; your team are wonderful, and we feel lucky to have found such a caring and professional company.

S.B, Son of Client, Wilmslow
June 2020

I just wanted to say a big thank you for everything you and your team are doing for all the vulnerable people in your care. My mum’s carer is doing an amazing job-and I just wanted you to know we are all so very grateful. The positive change in mum is heart-warming. You are all truly amazing, Thank you.

A.P. Daughter of Client, Alderley Edge
April 2020

You are all doing a wonderful job, and are very well organised ensuring that people are getting the care they require during this difficult time. You are, and always have been, a great care company.

P.M. Son of Client, Woodford
April 2020

I am very happy with the carer you have matched me with. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

M.B. Client, Cheadle Hulme
April 2020

You are doing an amazing job under the circumstances and just wanted to say ‘thank-you’.

S.B Son of Client, Wilmslow
March 2020

We’re very happy with the carer you have given my mum and really pleased you are supporting her. alice chilton In-Home Care is ‘head and shoulders’ above the previous company.

A.P. Daughter of Client, Alderley Edge
March 2020

Please convey our total appreciation and thanks for what your organisation and carers are providing for all concerned.

R.T. Daughter of Client, Wilmslow
March 2020

I would like to say a ‘big thank-you’ for the respite support you have provided. The team went beyond what I expected, they deserve a ‘gold star’. I shall certainly take the opportunity, when I can, of recommending your company to other struggling souls.

M.W. Wife of Client, Cheadle Hulme
February 2020

My carer is brilliant! She makes such a difference to my life.

N.H. Client, Bramhall
December 2019

Alice Chilton are professional, caring and totally focused on servicing the needs of their clients. What I find most impressive is that I have an ongoing relationship with the management team where my needs are reviewed regularly and I am confident to discuss any issues with them. They provide an exemplary service.

R.T. Client, Wilmslow
November 2019

Alice Chilton have been providing care for four years. The care provided is first class. The carers perform their tasks with care and consideration, their enthusiasm and willingness is a credit to the company.

S.W. Relative, Handforth
November 2019

Alice Chilton provide a professional care service. I would recommend them to anyone needing home care.

J.B. Daughter of Client, Stockport
October 2019

Thank you for the excellent service that you provide to Mum and for your excellent communication with us whenever there is an issue. As feedback for you we think that the carers provide excellent care for Mum and Mum would really struggle to live independently without their help. The level of care that you provide for Mum is really good and we are very appreciative of your professionalism and reliability. Long may it continue.

P.M., Son of Client, Stockport
September 2019

Support provided is excellent goes above and beyond, really makes a difference not only to Fay but allows us as a family to know she is looked after.

L.M., Daughter of Client, Poynton
September 2019

Delighted with the service provided. All staff are very caring and supportive. Excellent service, easy to deal with. We find the team to be reliable and trustworthy. Billing clean and concise. Highly recommended.

R.D., Son of Client, Hazel Grove
July 2019

The team are wonderful!

J.P., Client, Bramhall
July 2019

Dear All, I would like to thank the staff of alice chilton who helped to care for my brother. I don’t think I could have managed without your help and it made his life easier. Once again many thanks.

P.C., Sister of Client, Cheadle Hulme
June 2019

We’re pleased to report that mum has taken very well to the carer’s visits – so thank you for taking the trouble to identify them as the right sort of person.

S.F., Daughter of Client, Handforth
June 2019

Just to let you know Mum’s friends who visited today thought the carers were lovely with my mum. They were very impressed with the care she is getting, thank you.

H.D., Daughter of Client, Wilmslow
May 2019

Delighted with the service and the care team – absolutely lovely.

V.L., Client, Wilmslow
April 2019

The carers you send me are amazing, I get lonely and they spend quality time with me which helps me get through the day.

D.H. Client, Bramhall
March 2019

My carer is so kind and caring, she understands what I need, she is proactive and always looks at ways to make life easier for me.

V.W. Client, Alderley Edge
March 2019

We as a family needed help and support for my mother and her carer (my father). This was provided by alice chilton In Home Care Services Limited. The service was focussed entirely on support for my mother and also my father. The concern, provision, dignity and organised care by alice chilton in aiding my mother meant she could remain at home. I cannot thank them enough from the management to the actual carers. They were outstanding. Thank you.

C.G., son of Client, Hazel Grove
January 2019

The service is brilliant, alice chilton has achieved more in the first two weeks of support than the previous company managed in 18 months. We can’t believe the difference, thank you.

A.J. Son of Client, Stockport
November 2018

I have an excellent Carer, who is very proactive, understands what I need, has a good sense of humour and makes me laugh. I live alone, the companionship has had a positive impact on me.

B.E. Client, Wilmslow
October 2018

We have been working with alice chilton on the care of our mum for two and a half years, and in that time we have met some of the most caring and kind people we could hope to meet. Mum is given dignity and respect and while we will always be seeking improvements to provide her with the very best care, we believe alice chilton shares that ambition.

L.C., Daughter of Client, Wilmslow
August 2018

We trust the staff implicitly. We initially came to alice chilton for care, but the situation has improved and we now view it as support.

M.W., husband of Client, Wilmslow
August 2018

Friendly and approachable staff with a good manner and efficient. My husband is very satisifed with the support.

H.S. Wife of Client, Cheadle Hulme.
July 2018

The care team come across warm and friendly. They are respectful, not too familiar and not too remote.

P.L. Husband of Client, Wilmslow
June 2018

The care team are very good and I have good communication wth the office team. alice chilton helps me keep my independence.

P.T. Client, Wilmslow
June 2018

To all the staff, a little thank you note for all your help during the past weeks in helping to care for my mother.

J.R. Daughter of Client, Alderley Edge
June 2018

Very well run organisation, office staff and carers are great. I couldn't think of anyway how we could improve our experience. Carers always on time and happy to do what you want them to do. They make a big difference to both my and my husband's life.

V.W. Client, Alderley Edge
May 2018

Having support from alice chilton has meant my wife, of 60 years, and I are able to stay at home together - no need for us to separate. Their team genuinely care and have compassion, they go out of their way to make my wifte comfortable and give 100%. They are my 'dream team'.

F.B, Husband of Client, Bramhall
May 2018

The support is invaulable, the team do over and above. I would be happy to recommend the services of alice chilton to anyone.

S.W. Friend of Client, Wilmslow
April 2018

To all the team at alice chilton, thank you so much for the care and attention you have shown to my father in your time with him.

E.L, Son of Client, Wilmslow
March 2018

Our Carer is a true gentleman and always puts my husband at ease.

M.A, Wife of Client, Poynton
February 2018

A HUGE THANKS! to you all for all of your help and kindness to our mother.

P.J.,son of Client, Bramhall
January 2018

Thank you so much for the wonderful support you have given us during the past 3 months - long may it continue!

M.B, Client, Bramhall
December 2017

My mum, and we, are very grateful for the excellent Care & Support that you, and your team, have provided for the past 3 years.

P.D, Son of Client, Hazel Grove
November 2017

My father tells me your Carer is a lovely lady who is very competent and caring. Thank you again for such a rapid and helpful response.

P.T. Daughter of Client, Wilmslow
October 2017